Health and Safety Consultants CDM 2015 Regs
first aid


first aid


  • A sufficient number of first aid personnel are appointed, the actual number to be decided by risk assessment.
  • An adequate number of suitably stocked first aid kits.
  • All first aid procedures carried out are recorded in the company accident book.
  • All contents of first aid kits are “in date” and appropriate to the risk assessment.
  • First aiders undertake an initial Draft course in first aid and regular training thereafter, as prescribed by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Any “Appointed Persons” undertake an approved course and receive regular training updates as required.
  • A list of First Aid personnel and their contact numbers / locations is prominently displayed in the workplace.

First Aid

The minimum first-aid that should be provided in any workplace is an appointed person, a suitably stocked first-aid box and information for employees about first-aid arrangements. In small, low-risk work environments such as offices and shops you may only need the minimum provision. However, for larger or higher risk work environments you will need to provide suitably trained first-aiders.

What is an appointed person?

An ‘Appointed Person’ is someone you choose to take charge in the event of an accident or if someone falls ill including calling an ambulance if required. They also take charge of keeping the first-aid box fully stocked. Appointed persons should NOT attempt to give first-aid for which they have not been trained. However, there are short courses appointed persons can attend to help them deal with emergency situations.

What is a first-aider?

A first-aider is someone who has successfully undergone a training course in administering first-aid at work and holds a valid certificate. First-aid training should only be carried out by a training organisation which has been approved by HSENI’s Employment Medical Advisory Service (EMAS)

Fewer than 5

5 – 50

More than 50

At least one appointed person

At least one first-aider

One additional first-aider for every 50 employed

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