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Keeping your cables tidy on a construction site





Cable Management System   Cable Tidy

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment is the number one priority for many companies spanning numerous industries. Despite this, over one third of all major injuries in the workplace are caused by slips and trips, to reduce this number, the hazards that cause them need to be contained or minimised. Cables trailing across floors, stairways and doorways are seen all too often; this is one of the primary hazards that cause slip or trips. Poor cable management is a very serious health and safety risk but a risk that can be minimised effectively and easily. The Cabletrail is the solution to this very problem.


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• Construction
• Rail
• Underground
• Oil Rigs
• Mining
• Manufacturing
• Warehouses
• Events / Concerts / Theatres
• Ship building / marinas
• Local Councils
• Ministry of Defence

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